Water Leaks

Underground Water Leak Detection in Charlotte, NC

Here at Rightway Plumbing we maintain the latest in water leak detection technologies and we pride ourselves on it. The sonar water leak detection method is mainly used for water leaks beneath a slab, under a parking lot, or underground anywhere. Sonar listening equipment captures sub-surface vibrations that resonate through the earth, to detect and help pinpoint the leak.

For those really hard to find underground leaks, we offer hydrogen induction leak locating. Since hydrogen is the lightest gas known to man, it easily seeps up through the earth to ground level where we can detect its presence. Therefore, pinpointing the leak. We have performed many underground leak detection jobs in Charlotte, NC for residential and commercial water leaks, so call today.

Why Choose us for Water Leak Repair in Charlotte, NC

Our plumbers have been in all aspects of the plumbing field; from new construction and renovation to service. Rightway Plumbing’s technicians have a better understanding of what’s going on, even if it’s behind a wall or underground.  This will assist in making the water leak detection in Charlotte less invasive and more cost & time-effective.

What to do When You Have a High Water Bill

This problem is becoming more and more prevalent as Charlotte water pressure increases due to continued building. If you find yourself needing a plumber in Charlotte because your water bill has increased and you don’t see an evident water leak, the chances of having an underground water leak are very high. Check all of your toilets to see if they are running while not being used, check your crawlspace for a leak, check your tub & showers for steady drips, and check your front yard for soft/wet spots. If you have any of these plumbing leaks, go ahead and schedule online today.

What Really Causes a Water Leak in Charlotte, NC

The 2 most common water leaks we see in the Charlotte area are caused by pressure and water quality. Water pressure from the city of Charlotte fluctuates between 60psi – 170psi. During off-peak times, like late at night when everyone stops using water is when it’s at the highest pressures. If your home isn’t protected by a pressure reducing valve, this high water pressure can cause plumbing fixtures to start leaking, pipes to burst, and even cause your water heater to leak prematurely.

Over-chlorinated municipal water (like what’s found in Charlotte, NC) can cause plumbing fittings to fail and parts to prematurely leak. Due to our source water being full of over 600 known contaminants, of which over 550 are un-regulated by the EPA; major cities like Charlotte, NC dump thousands of gallons of chlorine & other chemicals into the water yearly to ensure there are no live bacteria in the water. This can be quite harmful to your plumbing system, and your body. To find out about available solutions to remedy this, schedule online today.