Water Heater Repair and Replacement

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Need to replace your old, leaking water heater? It is easy to become overwhelmed with so many great brands and options available.  What size hot water heater should you buy or should you go tankless? How long should my water heater last? Do I need to replace my water heater if I’m getting brown water from my water heater? Rightway Plumbing can answer all your questions on water heater installation and solve your plumbing problems.

We offer high performance conventional water heaters from Rheem and State Industries. All water heaters we install include a FVIR valve (Flame Vapor Ignition Resistant) which protects your home in the event of a gas leak in the area where the water heater is located.

Our water heaters are self cleaning, but we do recommend maintenance every 3 years to protect your investment.  Rightway Plumbing will install your new water heater properly so it meets current codes for a new water heater installation.

The average life expectancy of a residential water heater is 8 to 12 years according to consumer reports. If you have a water heater in your attic and it is this old, your home is at high risk for major water damage should the water heater leak.  This leaking water heater can cost you thousands of dollars in water damage repair.  Give Rightway Plumbing a call and let us inspect your attic water heater before it’s too late.