Whole Home Water Filtration

Whole Home Water Filtration & Water Purification in Charlotte, NC

Take a minute with me and quickly learn 3 interesting facts about water and your body. Your body’s brain is made up of 70% water, your lungs are nearly 90% water, and your blood contains almost 83% water.  Clean water can do a lot more than just taste good. Water is essential for numerous bodily functions such as digestion, mineral and vitamin absorption, and cell function, just to name a few.

Do you know what is in your water? Have you read a water quality report lately from Union County or the City of Charlotte? Have you ever had a water quality test performed on your home’s water? Call Rightway Plumbing to schedule a free, in-home chlorine water sample (city water only). If you have well water, we highly recommend our well water analysis, which is sent to a lab. This test should be performed by an EPA certified & ISO 17025:2005 accredited lab, not a filtration company, for unbiased results and pinpoint accuracy. 

What’s in Your Water? Is My Water Clean?

After recent tests performed by our Plumbers in Charlotte, we have consistently seen extremely elevated levels of chlorine and sediment in Charlotte and Union County water. Our Plumbers have also found lead, VOC’s, and THM’s when performing water analysis. The long-term, damaging effect that Charlotte’s turbid, over-chlorinated water supply has on your body, your plumbing fixtures, and your water piping in your home is something that you should not ignore. Give us 60 minutes of your time, and let us educate you about your water quality and the health risks associated with long-term usage of municipal water.

Water Analysis & Water Testing in Charlotte, NC (A MUST-READ)

Be leery of the companies that try to sell you filtration systems based on a quick “presence-test” or a free water check. EPA approved tests performed by a certified lab, with real scientists, aren’t free. Ask them how many parameters their tests check for, and who does their testing. Do they even know? Here’s the truth: Many plumbing companies selling water filtration systems, don’t know what they are selling you or why they even recommend it, but they know their profit. You can’t effectively purify water if you don’t know specifically what’s in it. Makes sense right? We know most people don’t care about the technical stuff, but shouldn’t the guy selling it to you know all about it? Quiz us, we dare you.

At Rightway Plumbing, we use an EPA certified, ISO 17025:2005 accredited laboratory in Michigan. First, we come to your home and explain the different types of water analysis we offer and their test parameters, then we’ll help you decide which test is correct for you. Secondly, we use a hermetically sealed bottle and take a water sample. Thirdly, we freeze it, pack it, and overnight ship it. It will be analyzed within 24 hrs of collection time. In about 10 days, we’ll provide you a copy of the test results and recommend an appropriate filtration system by a manufacturer that we stand behind.

Why Water Filtration in Charlotte is the Right Choice

Water filtration in Charlotte is the right choice because the amount of chlorine & turbidity in the water is very harsh on your plumbing and on your body. Our plumbers believe in doing it the “Rightway” the first time, which is why we recommend filtration systems designed to purify your specific water quality. With so many unknown ingredients in your food, your shampoo, your soaps, and even your water; why not call Rightway Plumbing and let one of our plumbers help you take control of your water today. From granular activated carbon filter systems to reverse osmosis filtration systems, we have you covered.