Toilet Repair and Installation

We offer a lifetime leakfree warranty on certain Kohler toilets, which would cover any future repairs.
(Parts and labor)

Fully operating toilets are of high importance to your home in Charlotte. If you’re experiencing problems with your toilets, you can benefit from the professional toilet repair services that Rightway Plumbing offers. We can help find solutions for all of your toilet issues, from tank leaks to poor flushing to excessive noise.

Choose Professional Toilet Repair from Rightway Plumbing

Trying to fix your toilet’s problems over and over again can be a frustrating process. When you choose our professional toilet repair services, one of our plumbers will come out to your Charlotte area home to examine your bathroom plumbing system. Rightway Plumbing will work to find the source of your toilet’s problems, whether it’s a defective part, a burst pipe, or an incorrect setting of the tank float ball. Rightway plumbers have the necessary training and experience to assess your toilet’s needs and complete the repairs quickly and efficiently. You can trust Rightway Plumbing to get your toilet’s flushing back on track in no time.

Kohler’s Green Line is Watersense certified.

We also now offer the Kohler Green Line.

Contact Rightway Plumbing today to learn more about how our professional plumbers can improve your bathroom plumbing system with toilet repair services you can count on today and tomorrow.