Backflow Installation, Testing & Repair

A lot is said and written about the quality of our drinking water. What many fail to realize is the preventative measures we all can take to ensure our drinking water supply is safe and healthy. Many local municipalities have recently adopted Federal standards programs that are in place to protect your water quality and our water supply.

A backflow system that works properly is a key element in the effort to protect water quality. Any property that has either an irrigation system or a swimming pool are required to have a backflow prevention assembly. By law, (under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (P.L. 93-523), you are required to test any backflow assemblies annually as well as have a schedule maintenance every five years.

Rightway Plumbing is a certified and licensed tester of backflow assemblies. We provide backflow valve installation, testing and repair for all backflow preventors. We offer residential and commercial service in the Charlotte metropolitan area, including Pineville, Matthews, Fort Mill, Rock HIll and other surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.

Services Include:

Commercial, Residential and Industrial
Irrigation Systems – Residential and Commercial
Valve sizes from 1/2″ to 10″
Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly
Double Check Valve Assembly
Pressure Vacuum Breaker
Valve boxes & freeze protection available

The following are a few examples of locations that require backflow prevention:

Homes with Irrigation Systems
Industrial Plants
Medical Offices
Dental Offices